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The Mosquers

"E-town's first ever Muslim Video Contest"

Muslims have lousy P.R. So why don't YOU change that! Here's your chance to tell YOUR story and win BIG prizes!! Interested?

If you're a Muslim youth, or a friend of one, here's your chance to show people that Muslim's are just like everyone else. Make a 3 -10 minute movie telling your story. Whether your movie is about skateboarding, or street hockey, social justice or socializing, religion, or relaxin',

IT DOESN'T MATTER, we wanna see it! Click HERE for more information!!!

Deadline to enter is 10 January, 2007. Download a copy of the application form HERE.

This event is produced by the Axis of E-town, and proudly sponsored by the Northern Albertan Alliance of Race Relations and the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities.

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